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Circle Health

We help nurses and allied health professionals develop their careers in an exciting and encouraging environment.

Our hospitals and rehabilitation centres are high-tech facilities in purpose-built buildings, all built in the last decade or so. We’re passionate about providing the best patient experience, so we rethought how hospitals should work: our hospitals are much more peaceful and comfortable that people normally expect – patients say they feel like hotels.

We’ve always believed in creating a culture of partnership where each staff member is empowered and feels able to make a real difference, where the best management ideas from other sectors are added to best practice in healthcare, and where patients come first, above all else.

Circle Health is known for its innovation and culture. Because of these, our facilities attract some of the very best nurses and allied healthcare professionals. And we believe passionately in quality: all of Circle’s hospitals are rated “good” by the Care Quality Commission and our hospitals have, for example, never had a case of hospital-acquired MRSA.

So if you’d like to take then next step on your career, have a look at our roles on offer and take the opportunity to apply online.

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