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Welcome to the Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust Employer Hub

Surrey, Berkshire & North East Hampshire

1000+ employees

7 job openings

Where great care and great careers go hand in hand

At Frimley Health we offer a friendly, supportive and open culture encouraging you to reach your full potential, with support from a strong, stable leadership team, with a clear sense of direction and an exciting vision for the future.

From day one we work hard to make sure you feel welcome, supported and valued. We offer a structured career pathway to follow, with our full support to progress through the NHS bands and gain further qualifications.

Your tailored individual development plan means you really can follow the path you choose – whether that’s pursuing your current interests or branching off into a whole new field.

Our nursing teams benefit from a strong support framework and a lively social network, so every aspect of your day will be fulfilling. Our excellent healthcare assistants work hand-in-hand with nursing teams freeing up your time to concentrate on the most important priorities.

With our pioneering history, international reputation for research and love of cutting-edge technology, you can be sure you’ll enjoy the freedom to be innovative and have a real say in developing new ways of working.


Our values underpin everything we do now and will do in the future, as well as set our what is expected from each and every member of the team in the way they treat patients, visitor and colleagues.

Committed to excellence:

  • Make safety a priority

  • Strive to achieve goals to this highest possible quality standard

  • Go the extra mile.

Working together:

  • Friendly, welcoming, courteous and caring

  • Act fairly and compassionately

  • Open, honest and candid with others

Facing the future:

  • Engage with others to improve how things are done

  • Change things for the better

  • Challenge poor performance