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  • Forensic nursing: is custody healthcare practitioner the role for you?

    • 30 Nov 2023

    Is forensic nursing the job for you? Find out about the important role custody healthcare practitioners play on RCNi Nursing Jobs

  • Nursing Live: Importance of the service user experience

    • 7 Nov 2023

    Nursing Live will recognise the transformative power of patient stories & the importance of the service user experience. Book your free tickets to Nursing Live.

  • Nursing Live: Digital nursing and technology in healthcare

    • 25 Oct 2023

    Nursing Live will explore the transformational impact technology is having on nursing and healthcare. Book your free tickets to Nursing Live today.

  • Nursing Live: Learning Disability Nursing

    Nursing Live: Learning Disability Nursing

    • 17 Oct 2023

    The agenda for learning disability nurses at Nursing Live, RCNi's new free event for nurses taking place in Liverpool on November 10-11. Book your free tickets.

  • Book your free tickets to Nursing Live

    Discussing safeguarding at Nursing Live

    • 10 Oct 2023

    Safeguarding in nursing will be explored by at Nursing Live, a free event for all nurses in Liverpool on November 10-11, 2023. Book your free tickets today

  • Book your free tickets to Nursing Live

    Equality, diversity and inclusion on the agenda at Nursing Live

    • 2 Oct 2023

    Embedding equality, diversity, and inclusion across the whole nursing sector will be explored at Nursing Live

  • What to do if your new nursing job isn't working out

    • 29 Sep 2023

    If a new nursing job doesn’t live up to your expectations, should you walk away? Former RCN Nurse of the Year Nicola Bailey shares her advice on career decisions and finding the right fit

  • CPD webinar for nurses: clinical trials in a cancer setting

    • 2 Aug 2023

    Free CPD webinar for nurses worth two CPD hours that will demystify clinical trials and demonstrate the role all nurses can play in the process clinical outcomes and patients.

  • Is occupational health nursing the job for you?

    • 26 Jul 2023

    Is an occupational health nurse the job for you? Find out more about this nursing job and if this role is the right career choice for you

  • Could you be a major trauma nurse practitioner?

    • 14 Jun 2023

    The job of a major trauma nurse practitioner combines aspects of critical care with leadership and multidisciplinary teamwork. Could be the nursing job for you?

  • What makes a good nurse research supervisor?

    • 30 May 2023

    Understand why a nurse research supervisor job is a privilege and how it can contribute to the next generation of nurse researchers

  • Oncology nurse consultant jobs

    • 10 May 2023

    Oncology nurse consultant Jeanette Ribton explains what her role as a cancer care nurse involves and how she uses her advanced skills to make complex nursing decisions

  • Enter the RCN Nursing Awards 2023

    • 24 Mar 2023

    The RCN Nursing Awards 2023 are open for entries. Share innovation and best practice in a celebration of exceptional patient care and nursing achievement.

  • What my job as a chief nursing officer involves

    • 20 Mar 2023

    Chief nursing officer Jo Haworth explains what her NHS job involves and how the professional development and education of nursing staff are high on her agenda

  • What do Marie Curie nurses do?

    • 3 Mar 2023

    Find out about nurse career opportunities at the community and hospice-based charity Marie Curie

  • Nursing older people in an acute setting

    • 22 Feb 2023

    Nursing older people in an acute setting is a great way to develop your nursing career. Find out why on RCNi Nursing Jobs.

  • What is a digital nurse specialist – and could the role suit you?

    • 15 Feb 2023

    What is a digital nurse specialist, and could it be the job for you? Digital nurse Laura Rogers tells us about her role and the use of technology in healthcare.

  • Welcome to RCNi Nursing Jobs

    • 6 Jan 2023

    We are thrilled to introduce a refreshed brand identity as RCN Bulletin Jobs becomes RCNi Nursing Jobs.

  • What does an aesthetic nurse do?

    • 14 Dec 2022

    Is an aesthetic nurse the right job for you? Understand the opportunities this job can offer nurses, as an additional branch to their existing career.

  • How to secure a band 7 nursing job

    • 18 Oct 2022

    How to prepare for a band 7 job and the questions nurses can expect in a band 7 job interview.