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What is a digital nurse specialist – and could the role suit you?

Published on: 15 Feb 2023

Digital nurse Laura Rogers tells us about her role as a digital nurse specialist and the use of technology in healthcare.


Digital nurse specialist, Laura Rogers works at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.  Here she explains what her nursing job involves.

"Initially digital clinical safety facilitator, my job title was changed to digital nurse specialist a year ago to reflect the professional identity of our team and offer a better description of the role.

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"As part of the trust’s digital clinical safety team, I see my role as an interpreter between IT and clinical services – I ask my IT colleagues questions about new digital technologies, such as new electronic monitoring or clinical systems, until I am satisfied that I understand the answers and can explain them to clinicians, ensuring new systems meet their needs in practice.

"Patient safety and improving care is at the heart of my role. Digital technologies that are not designed and deployed with safety in mind have the potential to harm patients, so it is my responsibility to ensure that systems are clinically safe and designed to help clinicians and services provide excellent patient care."

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Laura Rogers_digital nurse specialist  [square]
 Laura Rogers is a digital nurse specialist with Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

This is an abridged version of the article What is a digital nurse specialist – and could the role suit you? which was first published in Nursing Standard. Find out more about the day-to-day work of a digital nurse specialist, the necessary qualifications, pay and how to get into the nursing role.  

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