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Nursing Live: Importance of the service user experience

Published on: 7 Nov 2023

Nursing Live will recognise the transformative power of patient stories and the importance of the service user experience to help improve patient outcomes.

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Importance of the service user experience

The patient voice, and the importance of the service user experience to help improve outcomes, will be the subject of a special discussion panel at Nursing Live.

Entitled The Power of Stories, the session will share the stories of patients, carers, parents, and service users, and will help to create a narrative of invaluable insights for all nursing staff. It will also encourage nurses to try and put themselves in the position of a patient, carer or service user, and appreciate the impact a nurse’s actions, reactions, and conversations, could have on someone in their care.

In addition, the panel will look to highlight how having more awareness of a service user’s perspective - and how making some small changes to the way a nurse interacts with them - could help transform their whole experience of treatment and rehabilitation.

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Nursing Live speakers

Chaired by NHS England’s Experience of Care Lead, Lesley Goodburn, Power of Stories panellists will include the creator of the Talking With Cancer podcast, Katie Phillips; Toni Bewley, Chair of the Service User and Carer Group at Edge Hill University; and Lorena Hall Expert by Experience, and Associate Health and Social Care Lecturer, at the University of Lincoln. 

Joining them will be Jenny Clarke, mother of actress Emilia Clark who suffered two life-threatening brain haemorrhages while working on the Game of Thrones television series.

Jenny Clarke [square]
Co-Founder & CEO at Same You

Jenny, who in response to  her daughter’s experience founded the brain injury rehabilitation charity SameYou with Emilia, said:

“At Nursing Live I will be speaking about an incredibly important topic, the role of the patient voice in healthcare. I will be discussing it from a mother’s perspective, outlining how nursing staff are key to trauma recovery.

“When Emilia and I were discussing launching our charity, SameYou for brain injury recovery, she confirmed that the single most important part of her own experience in acute care – and on her discharge from The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery – was the nurse who cared for her.

“She held my daughter’s hand to take away her anxiety, explained the complex processes, and managed her day-to-day care. This led to SameYou’s founding principle: we believe nurses are the key to the future of successful rehabilitation.”

The patient experience - and the vital role nurses play with regard to caring, consoling, and communicating with both patients and their loved ones - will also be central to Michael Rosen’s keynote presentation to Nursing Live delegates.

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One of the country's best-loved authors, poets and broadcasters, Michael’s session, entitled The Power of Care and Kindness: My Experience of Nursing During Covid-19, will see him drawing on his near-fatal Covid experience which saw him placed in an induced coma on an ICU ward for 40 days.

He will also be reading from his Covid patient’s diary, which was kept updated by nursing staff during his stay in hospital, that was restored by the BBC’s Repair Shop team as part of a special edition of the show celebrating 75 years of the NHS earlier this year.

Michael Rosen [square]
Much-loved author, poet, presenter, broadcaster and celebrated champion of nurses

Michael said of his forthcoming appearance:

“Nursing Live will give me another opportunity to express my gratitude to thousands of nurses, face to face. I also can’t think of a sector more deserving of an event with a focus on personal well-being, not to mention getting a chance to step away from the pressures of work.”

For more details of both The Power of Stories panel, Michael Rosen’s keynote address, and the 100+ additional talks, presentations and workshops at Nursing Live visit our fully searchable programme guide on the Nursing Live website.

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