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Choosing between two jobs offers

Published on: 7 Oct 2020

What to do when faced with two offers for your ideal nursing job.

Choosing between two job offers

If you find yourself in the enivable position of being offered two jobs, here is some advice on making sure you pick the nursing job that is right for you

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How to choose between two job offers

  • Make sure you weigh up all the pros and cons of each position. Write a list and compare them
  • Do all the research you can before you make a final decision and visit the Trusts' websites to see if there is anything there that will help you decide
  • Make sure you take into account a wide range of factors, not just the title or the salary
  • Try drawing direct comparisons between the positions on the factors which are most important to you, such as work-life balance or company culture, then compare each role based on these
  • Ensure the decision you make fits with your lifestyle and career goals
  • If it comes down to the wire, trust your gut instinct

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This is an abridged version of the article Make the right choice which was first published in Nursing Standard.

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